We don't have to be consumed by culture. 
There is and always has been a better way. 
I've known that Way since I was 12 years old, but I got a little lost in culture along the way. Finding my way back to Christ has been the MOST rewarding. 

It might be the "tea" to them, but it's the T to me, as in Testimony. MY testimony. It's sacred space. And I'm now in a position to do spiritual warfare with God's people against demonic influence, New Age spirituality, and then some. 

Fall & Winter > Summer

Jesus, Daily

Morning or Evening Walks

Hot Tea

Kingdom Over Culture

Laughter is Healing

Several years ago, I started asking questions of myself for the purpose of personal growth. Those questions started being answered (or so I thought) as I began looking outside of the Bible for them. I ended up deeply embedded in New Age then found my way back to Jesus after the frustration and emptiness set in.

A lot of people end up in New Age post-trauma. For me, it was simply that I was a deep thinker and I couldn't see my way through to the answers I was seeking. I also wanted to know myself more. "Know Thyself", right? Yes, but we have to be careful where we go searching. I grew up knowing Jesus, yet still got sucked in by New Age practices - everything from tarot to astrology to meditation to other forms of necromancy. But I gotta tell ya - stuff just wasn't adding up for me...

New Age, on every level, is a completely fabricated copy of God's creation, creativity, and Word. This is why people constantly exit New Age saying they feel confused, empty, and frustrated. New Age isn't created spirituality- it's imitated. (Satan can't create). It's the difference between Pepsi & Coke - YOU CAN TELL.

Toward the end of 2023, God really set me free from all of it. Miraculously. Something major shifted in my life, which I believe opened my heart and spirit in a new way and allowed God to show me how I had been led astray and how the last 10-15 years were directly tied to my purpose. Discernment Lab  (as an idea/name) had been given to me by God an entire year before it became what it is today. I have a righteous indignation about what Satan is doing to people in our culture, the gross lack of discernment (even in - and especially in - Christian culture), and the amount of false prophecy that is running rampant. I also have a special sensitivity and knowledge as it relates to demonic movement and New Age and how to coach and lead people out of these strongholds. Welcome to the lab. ;-)

I'm that curly-haired, opinionated misfit, truth-telling, sunglass-wearing woman of God who understands her purpose.

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I believe in the power of worship, keeping a beautiful home, coffee for the body, clothes that make you feel good, & travel for the soul. 

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"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future..."

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